Custom Railings in Portland: Where Design Meets Function

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Whether you’re looking to replace an existing railing or deciding which material to use for a larger outdoor living space project, our talented team at Three Rivers Custom Decks is ready to help.


Types of Custom Deck Railings: What They Are and How To Choose


Powder Coated Aluminum & Baked on Enamel Railing


The most popular and reliable railing options on the market are Powder Coated Aluminum and Baked on Enamel. Powder Coated Aluminum and Baked on Enamel are often used in reference to each other and are widely popular for their low maintenance qualities and affordability.


This option also offers great versatility with infill options that allow just about any customer to find something they like. Infills are the products that go between the framework of the railing. (Read more on those below).


There is a wide array of color choices available with these railings, and if you don’t see the exact color to match your vision, your color can be created in the powder coating booth. Our primary rail manufacturer has several top tier options that allow you the precise finished appearance you’re after.


Composite Railing


Another popular railing option is Composite. They’re popular for several reasons, but one is that composite material manufacturers generally have a line of railings to compliment their decking products. This allows for a sleek, consistent look throughout the entirety of the deck. 


Some cons typically associated with composite railings are they tend to:


  • Be a bit bulkier than other popular options. 
  • Be more expensive. 

But, many clients decide it is worth the higher price because there are so many options available for infill and lighting. This option is designed to suit the needs of just about anyone – one of the more attractive features of composite railings.


Natural Wood Railing


Natural Wood railings are a less popular but more economical option. Though it’s beautiful, natural wood does require more maintenance and railings are often the most difficult part of a deck to maintain. Because of this, customers with wood decks will sometimes opt for a low maintenance deck railing material. 


But if natural wood railings fit your vision, that is a fine choice. The low cost and natural feel are very popular features and customers will often infill wood railings with Wood Pickets, Aluminum Pickets, Cable, or Glass to keep costs down.


Not sure what railing would best suit your custom deck project? 


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Railing Infills: What Are They and Why Are They Important?


Infills are the products that go between the framework of your railing. Some popular infill options include:


  • Pickets,
  • Glass,
  • Cable,
  • And more!

Infills can really complete the look of your custom deck project. Speaking of custom, if you’re not happy with the options in stock, there is a wide variety of fabricated infills that can be tailored to fit your exact vision. 


Our design team specializes in finding the right option that suits your needs. Contact us today to get started!


Types of Infills For Your Custom Deck Railings in Portland


Picket Rails

Picket Rails are a popular option, typically used when the aesthetic is not important or simply to keep costs down.


Glass Infills

Glass Infills are used when the aesthetic is a higher priority and you don’t mind higher maintenance. They can also serve as a wind block.


Cable Infills

If you value both aesthetic and having a low maintenance option, then cable infills will likely be an option that pleases you. 


Custom Infills

If you want to dance to the beat of your own drum, no one is stopping you! Custom Infills are a great option that can provide a beautiful, high-quality result. These can range from a simple wire mesh to works of art – depending on the budget.


Interested in Installing a Custom Deck in Portland, Oregon? Take a Look at Our Process



Initial Consultation & Design of your Custom Deck


Step 1:

The initial step in our process is to meet with you in-person and talk through your ideas and understand your vision and your needs for the project. This is the time to bring your photos, drawings, floorplans, Pinterest boards and any other dream wish-list ideas you want to incorporate into your custom deck project. We’ll be offering our own ideas as well as addressing any questions or concerns you may have. Have questions before we get started? Check out our FAQs below.


Step 2:

After gathering this information and discussing ideas,  we will provide you an initial plan complete with a quote. This quote will go over pricing for a variety of products and offerings that make up your custom deck project.


Step 3:

From here, we’ll  exchange ideas and shape the project of your dreams to perfection via email, phone or further on site visits.



Project Management


Once you have made the decision to move forward with us, we want to make sure you’re in the loop every step of the way. To ensure this happens, we’ll provide you with all of the information you want and need:


  • The project schedule, 
  • Progress photos and updates, 
  • Design suggestions,
  • Information about expenses & payments,
  • And more.

Have any concerns or questions along the way? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.



Execution of Project


This is the best part. You now get to sit back and let us work our magic! Our incredibly talented team of professionals will have your dream outdoor living space completed as efficiently as possible, all while ensuring the highest quality execution of the project.



Final Meeting and Walkthrough


As we near the end of the completion of the project, we’ll meet with you in-person once more to address any questions or concerns you may have about the project. We will walk through the finished product and ensure your satisfaction with the work. We will also discuss warranty procedures and arrange for final payment.


FAQs About our Custom Deck Railing Installation


Do you install deck railing replacements?


Yes, we do railing replacements and railing repairs! We understand that railings are the part of the deck that often require the most maintenance. Contact us today to request a quote for your custom deck railing repair in Portland. 


Do you recommend a certain type of railing if you have kids?


In our almost 20 years of building custom decks in Portland, we’ve never had a customer experience a safety issue with our decks or deck railings. All of our deck installations are 100% code compliant. At Three Rivers Custom Decks, we take the utmost care in ensuring the safety of you and those that matter to you most. 


Have concerns? Get in touch with one of our experienced deck building experts for their recommendations.