Custom PVC and Composite Deck Build Outs in Portland

Three Rivers Custom Decks



Composite and PVC Deck Options


Composites and PVC’s are the dominant decking choice in the Northwest. Their ease of maintenance and ever evolving appearance have become an easy choice for homeowners seeking an easier to live with deck surface.


Capped Composites


Capped Composite decks come in a variety of textures and colors. Many are engineered to appear as natural as possible. Maintaining a capped composite deck can be as simple as using a hose and deck brush. We offer lines from Timbertech and Trex to provide a wide variety of appearances. Most capped composite decks come with a transferable 25-year failure/fade & stain warranty.


PVC Decking


PVC decking is also a popular choice, although not as much so as capped composite decks. While PVC decks are a better choice for customers with concerns about scuffs and scratches, they tend to look less natural than their counterparts. Most PVC decks come with transferable failure warranties but they do not have warranties against stains and fading.




Looking to Install a Custom PVC or Composite Deck in Portland ? Here’s a Look at Our Process



Initial Consultation & Design


Step 1:

We meet with you one-on-one to get the details on your project vision and expectations. We will cover everything from potential materials to layout to design to help better understand the scope of your project. Have questions before we get started? Check out our FAQs below.


Step 2:

We will create an initial plan for your composite deck or PCV deck buildout and go over different pricing, design, and material options.


Step 3:

Once you’ve settled on the details of your custom deck buildout, we will continue to follow up through email, phone calls, and on-site visits to make sure everything goes according to plan.



Project Management


Once you’ve accepted a quote, we are committed to keeping you in the loop at every step of the project. We will: 


  • Track the progress of your project and send photos
  • Let you know of any updates
  • Answer any questions that come up
  • Help you track your payment status
  • Receive requests about your build
  • And more


Execution of Project


Our talented team of professionals will take care of the most important part of your project — execution. With Three Rivers Custom Decks, you can always expect perfection on your composite or PVC deck buildout.



Final Meeting and Walkthrough


Once your project is complete, we will do a final walkthrough to make sure your project was completed up to standards. At this point, we will also secure final payments for your project and discuss warranty procedures.




FAQs About Our Custom PVC and Composite Deck Installations in Portland


How Long Does It Take to Build a Custom Composite or PVC Deck in Portland?


The project timeline for a custom composite or PVC deck is similar to a wood deck buildout. Since all of our decks options are custom-built, the timeline for specific projects can vary. The following factors can play a role in how long it will take to build out your custom composite or PVC deck from start to finish: 


  • The size of the deck
  • The type of materials used
  • The design/layout of the deck
  • And more

Like every aspect of our business, we are transparent with clients when it comes to project timelines. Once the initial plan has been created for your buildout, we can give you an idea of how long your custom buildout will take.


Are Composite/PVC Decks a Popular Choice for Decks in Portland?


Yes, about 90% of our clients in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest opt for a composite or PVC deck instead of a wood deck. 


What Are the Benefits of Installing Composite/PVC Decks in Portland?


Some of the key benefits of composite or PVC decks that set them aside from wood decks include: 


  • The materials are built for durability and can stand up to the Pacific Northwest climate well
  • They come with warranty options, online wood decks
  • They require very little to no maintenance


How Much Does a Composite or PVC Deck Cost in Portland?



The cost of a custom composite or PVC deck are comparable to the cost of installing a custom wood deck. Since all of our deck build outs are custom by nature, so is our pricing.


The total cost for your custom deck buildout can vary on factors like the size and scope of your project, the design and layout of your deck, materials used, and more.