Three Rivers custom deck with railing


Wood, Metal, Glass, & Iron Crafted into Decorative and Functional Railing

Powder Coated Aluminum & Baked on Enamel Railing

The most popular and reliable railing options on the market is Powder Coated Aluminum and Baked on Enamel. Powder Coated Aluminum and Baked on Enamel are often used in reference to each other and are widely popular for their low maintenance and affordability. This option offers great versatility with their infill options that allow just about any customer to finds something they like. There is a wide array of color options available, and if the stock options don’t suit your taste, any color can be created in the powder coating booth. Our primary rail manufacturer has several top cap options that allow you the precise finished appearance you prefer.

Composite Railing

Another popular railing option is Composite. Each composite material manufacturer has a line of railings to compliment their decking products. One of the more attractive features of composite railings is that they provide a wide variety of options for infill and lighting. Composite railings tend to be a bit bulkier than other popular options. They also tend to be more expensive, but it is worth it to many customers because there are so many options available to suit the needs of just about anyone.

Natural Wood Railing

Natural Wood railings are a less popular but more cost friendly option. Because natural wood is more high maintenance and railings are often the most difficult part of a deck to maintain, customers with wood decks will often opt for a lower maintenance railing material. That’s not to say that natural wood is not a good railing option. The low cost and natural feel are very popular features and customers will often infill wood railings with Wood Pickets, Aluminum Pickets, Cable, or Glass to keep costs down.

Railing Infills

Another thing to consider are your Infills. Infills are the products that go between the framework of your railing. In terms of Infill options, there are plenty, including– Pickets, Glass, Cable and an array of custom fabricated infills all of which can be tailored to your exact liking. Each Rail system can incorporate any infill you choose. Picket Rails are a popular option, typically used when the aesthetic is not important or simply to keep costs down. Glass Infills are used when the aesthetic is a higher priority and you don’t mind higher maintenance. They can also serve as a wind block. If both aesthetic and low maintenance are importance, then Cable Infills would be your best option. The next and perhaps highest quality option are Custom Infills. These can range from a simple wire mesh to works of art, and are limited by budget alone.

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 Manuela Whelan

We were in the process of selling our home when it was discovered that we needed a better railing around the existing deck. For the deal to close on the home, we needed the work completed and inspected by the County within 10 days. Three Rivers was the only company which gave us the confidence that the work would be completed on time and within the budget.

From the office staff to the crew which showed up at the job site, all were above the average standard for such a job. They were polite, fast, knowledgeable, and caring about the work being completed on time. They finished the work within the 10 days from first speaking with the office. We are totally satisfied with all of the people involved in the project.

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