Three Rivers custom composite deck

Composite Decks

Composite and PVC Decks

Composites and PVC’s are the dominate decking choice in the Northwest. Their ease of maintenance and ever evolving appearance have become an easy choice for Home Owners are seeking an easier to live with deck surface.

Capped Composites

Capped Composites come in a variety of Textures and Colors. Many are engineered to appear as natural as possible. Maintaining a capped composite deck can be as simple as using a hose and deck brush. We offer lines from Timbertech and Trex to provide a wide variety of appearances. Most Capped Composites come with a transferable 25year Failure/Fade & Stain warranty.

PVC Decking

PVC decking is also a popular choice although not as much so as Capped Composites. While the PVC’s are a better choice for customers with concerns about scuffs and scratches, they tend to look less natural than their counterparts. Most PVC’s do come with Transferable Failure warranties, they do not have warranties against Stains & Fading.

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Susan Coombes

Amazing crew of professionals. Get this … this project came in on time and except for changes in plans … ON BUDGET. From everything I’ve read and heard this may be a remodeling first. We made several changes in the course of the construction based on recommendations from their engineer or our own change of heart. This did not delay the project and every change was completed quickly. Can’t say enough about this company. I’d use them again in a minute.

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